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Development Of Nature Protection Measures After Emergency Spills Of Oil Products


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Y. Zelen'ko & L.Yaryshkina


In order to eliminate the environmental aftermath of transport accidents with oil products the cycle of laboratory research and field tests on the study of factors affecting the processes of migration of oil products in different types of soils was conducted. Comparison of convergence of the data on migration of oil products obtained in the laboratory conditions and field tests with the results of mathematical simulation of filtration processes in the same conditions is performed. In the process of development of recommendations on application of sorbents for cleaning up of soils from oil products a wide spectrum of industrial wastes and natural materials was investigated, and the optimization of cleaning processes is conducted. The kinetics of cleaning up of soils from light oil products by means of thermoconvection is studied. The estimation of degree of renewal of the cleaned soils is executed by biological testing. Keywords: oil products, migration, soils, elimination of the environmental aftermath, sorbents. 1 Introduction The analysis of ecological situations taking place in the system \“transport– nature–man” testifies to intensifying of the environmental problems in the industry and strengthening of negative tendencies in many links of transport technologies from the viewpoint of their influence on nature [1,2]. These problems are conditioned by the rates of development of transport and features of its interaction with the objects of the biosphere.


oil products, migration, soils, elimination of the environmental aftermath, sorbents.