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Trace and Ultratrace Elements in Plants and Soil

Trace and Ultratrace Elements in Plants and Soil

Edited By: I. SHTANGEEVA, St Petersburg State University, Russia


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Advances in Ecological Sciences

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Little attention has so far been paid to the majority of the 90 elements that occur in soil and in different plant species. At present, however, the increasing capability and improving sensitivity of modern analytical methodologies is resulting in the rapid development of ultratrace element research. This may serve as a basis for new findings that relate to the biogeochemistry of elements of unknown biological significance.

Containing articles written by 17 scientists from 10 countries, this book describes different aspects of analytical chemistry, rhizosphere chemistry and the environmental chemistry of trace elements. It also highlights areas where collaboration between biochemists, soil scientists, analytical chemists and plant physiologists would be most productive.

The contributors focus on the current state of our knowledge and future potential for understanding the biogeochemistry of both well-known toxic elements and rare ultratrace elements of unknown biological role. Since the environmental chemistry of trace elements is controlled by a number of different interacting processes, there are also detailed reviews of the biology and chemistry of the rhizosphere, factors affecting the bioavailability of different trace elements in soil, potential phytoremediation methodologies and other applications.

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