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Elements of Plasticity (2nd Edition)

Theory and Computation

Authors: I. Doltsinis, University of Stuttgart, Germany


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High Performance Structures and Materials

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Plasticity, the ability to undergo permanent deformation, is a property of metallic materials that has great significance for the load-carrying behaviour of engineering structures, and for the manufacturing of structural components by forming processes.

Bridging the gap between classical theory and modern computational techniques, this book deals with the load-carrying aspect of plasticity. The text focuses on the most important elements of theory and computation using matrix notation, whilst the development of analytical solutions is avoided except where these aid illustration or verification. Some complementary aspects of creep and viscoplasticity are considered, and a number of selected applications from engineering practice are used to demonstrate the usage of computational techniques.

Aimed equally at graduate students, practising engineers and consultants in areas such as civil, mechanical, automotive and aerospace engineering, this updated and revised Elements of Plasticity includes results of research and development work carried out by the author and his team. It can be used to increase the reader’s understanding of computational concepts or tools applied to the analysis of elastoplastic structures and solids or to further develop their knowledge of the subject.

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