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The New Forest (2nd Edition)

The New Forest (2nd Edition)

A Personal View by C.A. Brebbia

Authors: C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK


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This book offers a personal view of the New Forest which stems from the author's many years of residence and research activities within the Forest. This has provided him with a deep appreciation of its unique rural charm and rich history.

In writing this book the author wishes to share with readers his own enjoyment of this special part of England. Its difference from many other national parks is that it is home to many people and this has given the Forest a more dynamic environment.

The New Forest has continued to develop and change over its ten centuries without losing its unique rural outlook. It has been a royal hunting ground, a source of timber to the nation, provided open space for grazing cattle, a source of minerals and charcoal, and more recently, a place dedicated to relaxation and leisure. In spite of these changes its character has remained remarkably unspoilt and many of its customs have survived to the present day.

This revised edition (the first edition was published in 1998), includes additional historical material, updates and many new photos.

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