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The Access Control System Of The Vatican City State


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F. Garzia, E. Sammarco & R. Cusani


The security of a modern state is strongly dependent on the use of integrated access control technology systems. Any weakness of the integrated access control system involves a weakness of the security of the State. For this reason it is necessary to design and realize highly integrated, efficient and reliable access control systems. The authors illustrate the work made to design and realize the integrated access control system of the Vatican City State. Keywords: access control system, integrated security system, sec system. 1 Introduction The Vatican City State extends over a surface of about 44 hectares in the heart of Rome in Italy. It is also composed by other detached zones such as the summer residence of the Pope, located in Castel Gandolfo, on the hills near Rome, and others. The territory is also composed by some important detached Basilicas, such as S. John and Holy Mary. Even if the extension of the State is quite reduced, the Vatican State is characterized by the same security needs of any other State that are further amplified by the reduced dimensions of the State. For this reason an integrated security system that is able of guaranteeing a high level of efficiency of the security services of the State has been designed and realized. The scope of the paper is to illustrate the mentioned advanced integrated security system, the difficulties found for its design and realization, and the results obtained, from its installation, in the normal and emergency situations.


access control system, integrated security system, sec system.