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Proposal Of A Model For Chemical Risk Preliminary Assessment


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S. Apolloni, M. Fera & R. Macchiaroli


Chemical risk assessment is an increasing problem in the industrial environment due to the particular nature of the risk. The need to measure the concentration of chemical substances, moreover, may cause additional costs for assessment. So, the main problem that arises is to avoid sampling and measuring campaigns whenever possible. This objective can be achieved using a more reliable assessment model, like the one proposed in this paper. The aim of this paper is to describe the model, which is based on the assumption that the concentration of chemical agents has a log-normal distribution, and to discuss its increased reliability features. 1 Introduction The study described in this paper stems from a need particularly felt in the \“Health and Safety at Work” community: the need to develop reliable but easily applicable preliminary chemical risk assessment models. In other words, the proposed model is used before the application of standard assessment models proposed for example by the EN 689, EN 482 and NIOSH methods. In fact these models require, in any case, the measurement of the concentration of chemical agents. The results of the measurement campaign are then the input of a stochastic model used to assess the residual risk. All the guidelines mentioned before use a statistical approach based on the log-normal confidence test and on