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Movable Fire Load Survey For Old Residential Highrise Buildings In Hong Kong


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W. K. Chow, S. Y. Ngan & G. C. H. Lui


The fire safety of existing highrise residential buildings in Hong Kong over thirty-five years old is a concern. These buildings used to have high occupancies but with far fewer fire safety provisions than those specified in current fire codes. To understand the potential fire risk behind the old existing buildings, fire load density should be surveyed first. A sample of eight such old highrise buildings was selected and surveyed. Both fixed and movable fire loads were reviewed. Fire load density was found to be high due to excess storage of domestic fuel. Movable fire load in cage houses is a concern. Four of the eight surveyed buildings have fire load density over the upper limit specified in the code. Fire risks associated with storing too many combustibles were also studied. With such a high content of combustibles, it is more likely that big accidental fires will happen. Finally, occupant loading in each example building was also surveyed. This would provide important information for working out the evacuation strategy. Keywords: fire risk, highrise buildings, fire load survey, residential buildings. 1 Introduction Hong Kong is a densely populated city in the Far East with small quantity of usable areas. Highrise buildings have to be built closely together. Residential buildings are also very tall and half of the top 100 highrise residential buildings in the world are in Hong Kong [1]. Supertall buildings of height over 80 storeys are also erected as residential buildings.


fire risk, highrise buildings, fire load survey, residential buildings.