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Acquisition Of Designable Space For Planar Steel Frames


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M. Yamanari & H. Tanaka


This paper describes a methodology for the acquisition of designable space for planar steel frames. Here, the designable space is obtained out of the universe which contains the all sets applied for a structural design of a building. A designer takes some sets of solutions simultaneously using a new concept design system, although he or she gets only one set of solutions with the conventional method. The new concept design system was developed taking the knowledge system and data flow system into account. For a convenient structural design system for unskilled engineers and students, a new concept needs to be introduced to the conventional structural design system. It is a laborious process for beginners to become skilled in structural design because it often takes a long time to find the rational solutions to design problems. The new concept for a structural design system is developed with Excel and DSP. Excel is used for the development because it is the most popular spreadsheet type application and uses the programming language VBA. DSP is the special computer language which is developed by Nagasawa and possesses a high potential for writing design codes. This system has the capability to get designable solutions simultaneously. This is proof of the new concept as an acquisition of designable space. A demonstration was conducted as to how a designable space moves in the whole design space. Keywords: structural design, computer assisted design, design space. 1 Introduction This paper describes on both a concept of acquisition of designable space and a methodology for the acquisition of a pertinent solution for planer steel frames. A


structural design, computer assisted design, design space.