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Computer System For Scheduling


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E Iwasaki & N Hata


To meet rapidly changing customer needs, prompt transmission of transportation plans made in the planning sections to such operating field as stations and depots and crew offices, and have the plans carried out is one of the most important premises for any forms transportation business in today’s fierce competition. But almost all of the data treatment of operation report used to be done manually up to the present. The operation report has the data of alterations and additions. The data of operation report are car schedules, crew schedules, traffic schedules and train services. Because of many kinds of and large volumes data, the manual works of making and extracting from operation report are very hard. Then the system that changed the way of transmission the data of operation report was constructed. The system brought the planning sections close to operating field. This system is made up of \“the scheduling system”, \“the schedule transmission system” and \“the operating field system”. These systems are very useful and assist planner to schedule of train schedules, to make car schedules and crew schedules and to plan train services. \“The schedule transmission system” includes online links between scheduling department and operating field, and checks the data made by scheduling department and automatically selects and sends only the information each station or crew office requires. \“The operating field system” is in operating sections. This system receives the data made by \“the support system for scheduling cars” from through \“the schedule transmission system”, and reconstructs and prints required reports such as timetables for crew. In this paper, we will show the outline of the system, the concept of the system and the points of improvement because of the system. And then, we will show the further development of using infrastructures of this system in the future.