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Application Of The SIMSPOG® Simulation Tool - Modelling The Railway Infrastructure


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M F P Janssen, H J van Dijk, H W M Smulders & G van Alphen


Introducing the technology of AC traction power supply into the Netherlands, modelling of the railway infrastructure has become a vital part in the EMC studies to be carried out. Therefore Holland Railconsult has developed the mathematical model SIMSPOG@. Based on the multi- pole technique, SIMSPOG is an engineering tool suited to calculate current distributions within (1x25 kV and 2x25 kV) AC traction power supply systems. After several years of development, the mathematical package Matlab has been chosen as a platform for these calculations. In the last year, since COMPRAIL 2000, the high numerical accuracy, necessary to handle large and complex models, has been increased, by linking external functions to Matlab. SIMSPOG still is being utilised for calculating currents on cable screens (using the transfer-impedance concept to determine disturbing voltages), touch- and stepvoltages within the supply system, current distributions within voltage interfacing areas as well as short circuit calculations. These calculations have been done for several clients within Europe. An important new application of the SIMSPOG simulation tool which has been developed recently, is the modelling of the behaviour of track- circuits. Multiple track-circuits, including impedance-bonds, can be modelled at their working frequency, not only taking rail to soil conductivity into account but also including the effects of the earthing and bonding system on track-circuit sensitivity. Because of the modelling technique available in SIMSPOG, also broken rail detection and single rail track circuits and their behaviour can be studied, simultaneously checking touch- and step-voltages with respect to the permissible levels.