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Mapping Of Occupational Hazards At Palma Industrial Park, Constantine, Algeria


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A. Aib, R. Chaib, I. Verzea, I. Cozminca


Methods and tools of risk analysis are used to argue the decisions regarding the issuance of operating permits, the control of urbanization and the development of a contingency plan. Among these tools, we find mapping risk. Mapping is a method of representation and prioritization of an organization’s risks. It is an essential component of the risk management process, especially when enacted in an industrial area. Its objective is to have a global inventory of vulnerabilities for all activity fields. The mapping process is important because it raises the general risk evaluation, assessment and prioritization. It offers simple and didactic representations, giving an overview for decision-makers to guide their strategic choices of action especially in the case of an accident. Maps are then used to track the effectiveness of strategies implemented and finally form a very effective tool of communication on the inventory of fixtures. The overall objective of this study to determine the map’s risks of a former industrial area “Palma” in extension to help manage risks in situ. To carry out this study a Preliminary Hazard Analysis (APR) approach was used. The latter plays a āecisive role in risks management, meaning cost control, project deadlines related to the achievement of performance objectives for the product or service. In particular, the APR approach must:

• Identify and assess risks;

• Define and quantify the possible scenarios;

• Develop an action plan.


analysis, risk mapping, assessment, APR, industrial area