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An Assessment Plan For Lean And Green Sustainability Practices In The Supply Chain Of Hotels


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R. Al-Aomar, M. Hussein


This paper aims at developing a practical framework for investigating the application of lean production practices and green technology in the supply chain of the hotel industry in the Abu Dhabi area. The study first develops the construct of a hotel supply chain and identifies the types of waste across the supply chain. Second, the study assesses the extent of knowledge in lean thinking and principles in the industry, explores the adopted lean techniques, and identifies the gap in current existing lean practices. The same approach is applied to analyze the extent of adopting green practices across the supply chain of hotels. Based on the results of gap analysis, the study will develop a framework to assist lean and green deployment in the supply chain of this growing sector of the service economy in Abu Dhabi and across the world. The emphasis will be on reducing the lean-identified seven types of wastes in the hotel supply chain, which typically increases its operational effectiveness and improves service quality. This is also expected to contribute to the increasing effort of incorporating sustainability in the services supply chains. The study results and the developed framework will be shared with the participating Abu Dhabi hotel industry.


lean practices, green technology, supply chain sustainability, hotel industry, Abu Dhabi