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Concept Of A Community Security Centre In The Multi-hazard Environment Of A Protected Area In Bucharest, Romania


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C. O. Gociman, E. S. Georgescu, T. Florescu, I. G. Craifaleanu, C. I. Moscu, M. S. Georgescu


This research aims at providing a sound concept and pilot application of a security centre in a study area of Bucharest that suffered a demolition in the 1980s. As this is at present a protected area, there is a need for a multi-hazard threats assessment. The cultural value was assessed with scoring criteria and methods, on six scaling stages. The functional value, as well as the seismic vulnerability was evaluated, for building classes and urban plan provisions. The hazards and scenarios were for: earthquakes, floods, extreme climatic events, technological and terrorist explosions and dangerous chemical spilling. The affected area would be large and a considerable amount of property damage and affected persons would be recorded; thus, community readiness is a must. The security centre was set on special criteria to provide sheltering and living conditions for evacuated persons, being also a community disaster preparedness locus. The authors aimed at technical and institutional management tools to create an urban security zone within or closer to the community. Under a multi-hazard threat, the location and the extent of the security centre was located in the premises of a local college, for seismic or explosion hazard, and in a park or in a public place on a close hill, for flood hazard. Besides reliable buildings, tents and containers are also considered as potential sheltering spaces.


multihazard, urban protected area, security centre