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PQ Analysis Of A Rooftop Solar PV: A Grid Connected PV System Pilot Project In Indonesia


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Hadi Suhana, Ngapuli I. Sinisuka


Electrical power quality (PQ) disturbance has become a prominent issue in Indonesia. On a distribution network, it is mainly caused by a nonlinear load. Due to the varying power produced, it is affected by a solar PV system as well. Therefore it is necessary to take a solar photovoltaic (PV) without battery storage into account on evaluating a PQ problem. This paper presents observation results of a rooftop PQ system interconnected to the distribution network which supplies nonlinear loads. In this paper, electrical PQ measurements and harmonic levels of rooftop solar PV integration are presented. The PQ measurements were set up on a distribution network which supplied a nonlinear load individually and whenever a PV system is interconnected with it. As is known, the level of harmonics depend on the performance of a PV system inverter. Since IEEE 1547-2003 standard applies to the measurement results, it is revealed that a PV system inverter is not meeting the standard. To prevent excessive levels of harmonic current injected by a solar PV system, risk mitigations are proposed. The risk mitigations cover redesigning a transaction energy meter, redesigning the interconnection code, and reviewing the standing operation procedure.


power quality, nonlinear load, solar PV, harmonic, risk mitigation