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Eco-architecture And Sustainable Mobility: An Integrated Approach In Ladispoli Town


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D. Astiaso Garcia, F. Cumo, F. Giustini, E. Pennacchia, A. M. Fogheri


This paper presents an eco-architecture project in a public green space of the Ladispoli Municipality, located on the Italian shorelines close to the city of Rome. The purpose of the project is the creation of a multifunctional urban green space, where social relations, sports, environmental awareness education and other activities can take place in a natural context. The final aim of the project, which includes a requalification of the surrounding areas, is to obtain an eco-friendly interaction between the urban public space and the built space, with sustainable mobility principles and the conservation of the natural environment. The project offers different outdoor activities for all ages and includes the design of a building which contains two multipurpose playgrounds, a gym, supporting functions, a bar and public toilets. The building design includes a green roof, for preserving space to nature and for guaranteeing a harmonious integration with the surrounding environment. In order to enlarge the green area, to bring it up to the contiguous buildings and to create a closer connection between the housing areas on both sides of the ditch and the park itself, a tunnel for the vehicular traffic was created. The project improves the usability of the green space through the introduction of: pedestrian and cycle paths connected to the existing ones, wooden bridges, new functions and services. The distinctive feature of the whole project is an integration of different best available technologies for obtaining an optimization of the performances in terms of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, aiming to achieve at the same time, a reduction of operating costs and the preservation of local biodiversity.


environmental sustainability, urban green areas management, best available techniques, eco-friendly buildings