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Eco-Architecture V

Eco-Architecture V

Harmonisation between Architecture and Nature

Edited By: C.A. Brebbia, Wessex Institute of Technology, UK and R. Pulselli, University of Siena, Italy


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This book contains the proceedings of the fifth International Conference on Harmonisation between Architecture and Nature (Eco-Architecture 2014).

Eco-Architecture implies a new approach to the design process intended to harmonise its products with nature. This involves ideas such as minimum use of energy at each stage of the building process, taking into account the amount required during the extraction and transportation of materials, their fabrication, assembly, building erection, maintenance and eventual future recycling. Another important issue is the adaptation of the architectural design to the natural environment, learning from nature and long time honoured samples of traditional constructions.

The papers in this book deal with topics such as building technologies, design by passive systems, design with nature, cultural sensitivity, life cycle assessment, resources and rehabilitation and many others.  Also included are case studies from many different places around the world.

Eco-Architecture by definition is a highly multi-disciplinary subject.  Eco-Architecture V: Harmonisation between Architecture and Nature will therefore be of interest to, in addition to architects, many other professionals, including engineers, planners, physical scientists, sociologists and economists.

Topics covered include: Bioclimatic Design; Design with Nature; Design by Passive Systems; Ecological and Cultural Sensitivity; Ecological Impacts of Materials; Energy Efficiency; Heat and Mass Transfer Problems; Building Technologies; Adapted Reuse; Life Cycle Assessment and Durability; Sustainability Indices in Architecture; Case Studies; Education and Training.

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