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A Comparison Of The Exhaust Emission From City Buses Fuelled With Diesel Oil And CNG


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J. Merkisz, M. Bajerlein, M. Dobrzynski & D. Michalak


Due to a growing demand for fossil fuels such as crude oil or natural gas it became necessary to seek new alternative energy sources. A variety of scientific and research work has been targeted at finding and the exploitation of sources of shale gas. According to the estimates, only in Poland there can be as much as 5.3 trillion cubic meters of natural gas trapped in unconventional sources. Such a potential can be utilized by many branches of economy including transport. It has become reasonable to use natural gas as an alternative fuel for utility vehicles. This paper presents the results of exhaust emission tests conducted on city buses fueled with diesel oil and CNG. The tests were conducted under actual traffic conditions on a regular bus route in Poznań. For the measurement of the exhaust emissions a portable exhaust emission analyzer Semtech DS was used. The obtained data were used for the determination of the average values of the emission of individual exhaust components. These values have shown that using different types of fuel in public transportation leads to a reduction of air pollution, and thus a better quality of life in the city. Keywords: alternative energy sources, utility vehicles, exhaust emissions.


Keywords: alternative energy sources, utility vehicles, exhaust emissions.