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ND Tests For A First Assessment Of Mechanical Behaviour Of The Stone-covered Façades Of Palazzo Ducale In Venice


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G. Boscato, G. Riva, S. Russo & F. Sciarretta


A program of non-destructive tests carried out on the two medieval stonecovered façades of Palazzo Ducale in Venice is here described. It consisted of direct and indirect sonic wave velocity tests on site and direct tests in the laboratory on samples of the component materials. The program was set up after a preliminary historic investigation aimed to raise useful clues on the geometric, physical and mechanical features of the double-layered façades. The qualitative information provided by the sonic testing procedure was assessed by mutual comparison of the results; the reliability of the collected data was also kept into consideration by assessing the distribution of results. The reported information is going to be one of the first steps in a wide programme of multi-disciplinary control of the façades. Keywords: sonic wave velocity test, historic masonry, Venice. 1 Introduction Preservation guidelines for the maintenance of monumental buildings require a wide knowledge of complex general conditions, even when only a single problem has to be faced. This is the case of Palazzo Ducale in Venice, one of the most representative and valuable historic buildings of Italy. Like it happened to other historic stone-covered façades (e.g. in Genova, Ferrara and Pavia), the south façade of Palazzo Ducale (Figure 1) has recently suffered some unexpected fall of material from the external stone covering of the south façade. Thus, the Research Unit on Safety Assessment of Monuments at the IUAV University of


sonic wave velocity test, historic masonry, Venice