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Fluid Structure Interaction Of A Vibrating Circular Plate In A Bounded Fluid Volume: Simulation And Experiment


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J. Hengstler & J. Dual


The eigenfrequencies and damping of a vibrating circular plate resting in a finite fluid domain are studied. A plate which is clamped at the center and free along the edge is excited by a coil and the vibrations are measured with a laser scanning vibrometer. A 3D model of the plate is built up in ANSYS, using the experimental data as verification. The focus of this work is to investigate the influence of boundaries like a wall or a free water surface on the eigenfrequency of the plate. Also the damping of the circular plate for different water levels is measured. Keywords: fluid structure interaction, circular plate, vibration, added mass effect. 1 Introduction There are some papers in the literature where the fluid structure interaction of circular plates are studied. Bauer [1] investigated a clamped circular plate which fully covers a liquid filled container theoretically and numerically. Later Amabili [2] made comparisons to the work of Bauer and studied also sloshing modes in the case where the fluid filled container is larger than the circular plate. Kwak and Han [3] studied the same problem and made some experiments to validate their results. Amabili et al. [4] and Kwak and Amabili [5] studied the eigenfrequencies of a fully submerged circular plate neglecting the influence of the near bottom of their container and the free water surface theoretically and experimentally. Jeong and Kim [6] investigated a fully submerged circular plate in a closed container completely filled with fluid theoretically and numerically. Due to the fixed size of the container the variation of the water depth below changes also the water


fluid structure interaction, circular plate, vibration, added mass effect