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SWOT Analysis For An Environment Friendly Urban Transport System


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A. G. Öncel


Urban transport has become a more significant source of the pollution of environment. The environmental problems have two aspects: local and global. Local environmental problems include air pollution and noise. As for instance, diesel engines are significant contributors to air pollution. Some of the basic types of exhaust have a strong obnoxious impact on live organisms. They include cancer-causing substances and also contain other harmful pollutants. Even if allelectric suburb railway transport does not have effect on air pollution, they are the source of noise pollution. From the point of view of a global environmental problem, a great part of total greenhouse gas emissions are mainly caused by urban transport, especially road transport. At this point, environment friendly urban transport systems have a crucial role in saving environmental quality. In our study, we start by presenting the main local and global environmental problems caused by urban transport. Our study focuses on İstanbul urban transport systems from environmental point of view. We present basic data about İstanbul’s transport system and transport policy. This study uses a SWOT analysis to study İstanbul transport system from the environmental point of view. We analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the system and put forward recommendations. Finally our paper summarizes the experiences from İstanbul. Keywords: urban transportation, SWOT analysis, greenhouse effect, environment.


urban transportation, SWOT analysis, greenhouse effect, environment