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Modelling The Dynamics Of Urban Transport: A Simplistic Approach To Traffic Impact Assessment


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I. M. Röntgen


Development pressure and the need for urban integration in South African towns, caused by spatial segregation due to the impact of policies of the previous political dispensation, gives rise to various ad hoc land development applications in the form of rezoning and township establishment. Land use and transportation planning is integrated and the impact of traffic due to such changes is key in the approval of land development applications. The transition to a democratic society also led to a lack of capacity and practitioners with skills to conduct traffic impact assessments within municipalities. This paper deals with the application of a simplistic procedure to undertake traffic impact assessments (TIAs) in small and intermediate towns where there are restricted levels of data and information available. The research is based on a case study undertaken within the area of influence of the North West University (Potchefstroom Campus) and includes the assessment of traffic impact based on two Town Planning Amendment Scheme applications in the study area. The paper covers existing planning knowledge; analysis of the inter-traffic movements; intra-traffic movements and quantification of the traffic impact based on the proposed land use amendment applications. The paper is concluded by the quantification of the traffic impacts supported by recommendations in order to mitigate the traffic impact within the study area where the demand for spatial transformation is high. The assessment will be based on land use and transport integration principles and impact quantification. Keywords: land use, traffic impact assessment, transportation planning, transport modelling, simulation.


land use, traffic impact assessment, transportation planning, transport modelling, simulation