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Some Improvements In Minimum Weight Topology Optimization With Stress Constraints


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J. Par´ıs, F. Navarrina, I. Colominas & M. Casteleiro


Topology optimization of continuum structures is a recent field in structural optimization. However, an increasing research activity in this area has been developed since the statement of the very first formulations. These formulations try to obtain the most adequate material distribution that satisfies the imposed structural limitations. The existence or absence of material in each part of the domain is usually defined by using a continuum variable (the relative density) in order to avoid dealing with a discrete optimization problem. This continuum approach of the material properties present important advantages since conventional optimization algorithms can be used. However, numerical models must be considered in order to develop the structural analysis for intermediate values of the relative densities. In this paper, we present some improvements in a minimum weight approach of the structural topology optimization problem. The main goal of this paper is to present an improved formulation that tries to reach binary 0-1 material distributions by using a continuum approach of the design variables. Furthermore, a perimeter penalization is included in the objective function to simplify the solutions obtained. In addition, some computational aspects are considered in order to reduce the computational effort. Finally, we compare the solutions obtained by using these formulations in two application examples.