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A Study On The Evaluation Method Of The Characteristics Of The Contact Point Between Wheel And Rail


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M. Adachi & T. Shimomura


It is indispensable to grasp geometrical characteristics of contact point between wheel and rail to analyze the characteristics of vehicle dynamics. However, there has not been an analytical method capable of calculating simply and easily geometrical characteristics of contact point, which is formed by actual shapes of worn tread running surface of rail and wheel tread. Therefore we have developed an analytical system by which we can calculate variations of wheel radius and contact angle each corresponding to lateral displacement of a wheel set for a combination of worn wheel tread and worn rail running surface, and finally, equivalent conicity can be obtained based on the results of calculation. Keywords: contact angle, variations of wheel radius, equivalent conicity, contact point. 1 Introduction Vehicle dynamics is greatly affected by characteristics of the creep force on the contact point between a wheel and a rail. Therefore, in order to estimate characteristics of vehicle dynamics, it is necessary to obtain exactly characteristics such as right and left wheel radius and a contact angle on the contact point based on the calculation of geometrical characteristics of the contact point between the wheel and rail. On the other hand, when a vehicle runs on the rail, the longer distance the vehicle runs, the severer wears are evident on the wheel tread. In the same way, the more tonnage of vehicle passes severe wears on the wheel tread and the rail


contact angle, variations of wheel radius, equivalent conicity, contact point.