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OpenPowerNet – Simulation Of Railway Power Supply Systems


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A. Stephan


The energy consumption of electrical railways is mainly influenced by the driving states and the propulsion efficiency characteristics of the trains as well as by the behaviour of the traction power supply system. For this reason the idea was to create a plug-in simulation module for railway power supply networks using the advantages of an existing commercial railway operation simulator. The newly developed energy simulation module called OpenPowerNet works together with the Swiss OpenTrack railway operation simulator as a so called \“co-simulation”. OpenPowerNet is able to simulate all common AC- and DCrailway power supply systems taking into account the entire electrical network structure. It can be used as an energy prognosis and analysis tool as well as for the planning and optimisation of power supply installations. The accuracy of the simulation was verified by a large number of real time measurements. Keywords: simulation tools, planning, operations quality, energy management, power supply systems. 1 Introduction For prognosis and analysis of railway energy consumption the use of simulation tools is state of the art today. For that purpose a considerable number of software tools with different preciseness is available. But the modern software technology offers new possibilities to improve the simulation. The electrical load flow within railway power supply networks and the train energy consumption depend both on the running trains and the power supply system characteristics. In contrast to public energy distribution systems there are moving energy consumers with a time-dependent power demand picking up and


simulation tools, planning, operations quality, energy management, power supply systems.