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The Recent Seismic Activity In Gujarat Region (Western India)


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S. G. Lozios, E. L. Lekkas & G. D. Danamos


The Jan. 26, 2001, Mw= 7.7 earthquake occurred in Gujarat region of W. India, which lies 200-400 Km away from the active plate boundary zone, between the Indian subcontinent and the Asian plate, along the India-Pakistan border and the Himalayan belt. A zone of co-seismic E-W surface ruptures, 30-40 Km long and 15-20 Km wide, observed near the epicentral area and seems to be associated with pre-existing reverse faults and thrust folds, which were partially reactivated during the recent earthquake. Except the reverse vertical displacement a significant right lateral displacement was also observed along these E-W surface ruptures. This Ms=7.7 seismic event has been also accompanied by a large scale flexural-slip folding, as the absence of significant co-seismic fault displacement and fault scarp shows. The NW-SE open cracks, also observed along the same zone, are associated with the right lateral horizontal displacement of the reactivated fault (or branch faults) and the development of local extensional stress field in the huge anticlinic hinges of the co-seismic flexural-slip folds. A grate number of ground ruptures, failures and open cracks are also associated with extensive sand boils, liquefaction phenomena and lateral spreading. The earthquake also produced numerous slope failures, such as rockfalls, topple failures and surficial ravelling. All kinds of constructions (buildings, bridges, ports, industrial facilities, manufacturing units) and lifelines (transportation, communications, electrical power and water supply) sustained heavy damage within the epicentral area, while different type of constructions and lifelines suffered various failures depending on the epicenter distance and the concomitant phenomena. 1 Introduction On January 26th 2001 (at 8:46 local time) a strong earthquake stricken the Gujarat district of West India. The epicenter was detected near the Bhachau city