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Soil And Groundwater Contamination By Heavy Metals In The Industrial Area Of Crotone, Southern Italy


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S. Troisi, E. Migliari, C. Fallico & S. Straface


Soil and groundwater contamination by heavy metals in the industrial area of Crotone, Southern Italy S. Troisi, E. Migliari, C. Fallico & S. Straface University of Calabria, Italy -Soil Conservation Department Abstract This work investigates the land contamination by heavy metals of the industrial area of Crotone, a town located on the Ionian coast of Calabria, Southern Italy. A wide collection of soil and groundwater samplings was available either within the area of the industrial installations immediately located on the coast and in the agricultural zone inland, denominated \“Area of Dynamical Deposition”. Geo- statistical analysis of soil sampling data and a solute transport numerical model were developed in order to define the land and groundwater contamination level and extension and to investigate the heavy metal Contamination sources. Introduction Because of the high death-rate for respiratory sicknesses and pulmonary cancer in the Town of Crotone, East of Calabria, Southern Italy, the World Health Organisation (WHO) carried out an epidemiological study whose conclusions encouraged more deepened researches on the hypothesis that an environmental factor could cause the anomalous clinical frame (Frega et al. [1]). This study, on the basis of a wide collection of soil and groundwater samples, investigates the land and water contamination level of the coast of Crotone (Troisi et al. [2]). The study area delimited by Passovecchio River, at North, and by Esaro River, at South, is considered, including the industrial area of the Pertusola plant and the inland agricultural area located immediately behind the industrial installations.