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Testing A European Emergency Management Methodology In A Simulated Flood Event


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I. Sánchez, L. De Stefano, S. Montesinos, M. Erena, P. GarcRa & S. González


Testing a European emergency management methodology in a simulated flood event I. Sanchez1, L. De Stefano2, S. Montesinos1, M. Erena3, P. Garcia3 & S. Gonzalez4 (1) GEOSYS, S.L., Spain. (2) Depto. de Geodinamica, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. (3) Centro de Investigacidn y Desarrollo Agrario de la Regidn de Murcia, Spain. (4) Delegacibn de Gobierno de Murcia, Unidad de Proteccidn Civil, Spain. Abstract In each Member State of the European Union, management of emergencies due to natural disasters is based on national and local legislation and procedures. The need for defining a common approach to Civil Protection activities at a European level led to the definition of a first proposal for a European Methodology applied to the management of emergencies due to natural disasters. After a brief background introduction about the FORMIDABLE Methodology, this paper presents how a flood event simulation exercise has been designed for assessing the performance of the proposed Methodology. The translation of the FORMIDABLE Methodology to a 'real world' Civil Protection intervention context has led to identify, in a preliminary analysis the advantages and difficulties related to the attempt of converging towards a European standardisation of Civil Protection procedures. 1 Introduction The European project FORMIDABLE (Friendly Operational Risk Management through Interoperable Decision Aid Based on Local Events, co-funded by the EC IST Programme, contract number IST-1999-11679) aims at contributing to the definition of a common pan-European approach for the management of Civil Protection activities during emergency events due to natural disasters and is being carried out by a consortium composed by Civil Protection authorities, research