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Covão Do Meio Dam. Automatic Acquisition And Remote Transfer Of Monitoring Data


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M. Pinho de Miranda, J. Cunha, L. dos Santos, M. Gonçalves, T. de Abreu & F. Robotti


Covao do Meio dam. Automatic acquisition and remote transfer of monitoring data M. Pinho de Miranda1, J. Cunha1, L. dos Santos1, M. Goncalves1, T. de Abreu2 & F. Robotti3 1 Electricidade de Portugal, EDP, Portugal 2 Geoexperts, Portugal 3Agisco, Italy Abstract The exploration of dams involves such high-risk level that these structures have always been used for investigative purposes, mainly in the field of monitoring. So, many instruments commonly used for the control of other structures were developed for dam monitoring. The technological evolution, the increase in labour costs, the increasing social concern for safety problems and the accidents, fortunately in small number, that have occurred all over the world have all greatly influenced the way in which dam monitoring has been directed towards minimising those risks. In this paper we present the evolution undergone by the dams owned by Electricidade de Portugal (E.D.P.) regarding the automatic monitoring data acquisition systems and the systems used for the remote transfer of that data to the processing centres. This evolution occurred bearing in mind the safety control in real time of the structures that need that kind of control and, in this way, make the most effective use of the available means. We present also a brief description of the expected evolution in the next few years of the Portuguese situation in this domain. 1 Role of the automatic acquisition and remote transfer of monitoring data Dams are amongst man-made structures that present very high potential risks. Published statistics concerning the number of casualties caused by a dam break - and many situations are unknown or underestimated -are the proof.