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Integrated Security Systems For Hazard Prevention, Management And Control In The Italian High Speed Train Line


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F. Garzia & G. M. Veca


Integrated security systems for hazard prevention, management and control in the Italian high speed train line F. Garzia & G. M. Veca Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Rome \“La Sapienza ”, Italy Abstract Due to the strategic importance of the line between Firenze and Bologna and owed to the presence of a so high number of galleries it has been necessary study and design an integrated security system capable of protecting the whole infrastructure from voluntary intrusions, for damaging, vandalism and sabotage and from not voluntary intrusions, due to animals, that would compromise the train circulation and passengers safety. It this paper we illustrate this security system which is capable of reducing a great variety of risks. 1 Introduction The continuous development of technology has allowed the realization of a plenty of devices, sensors and other powerful instruments that give raise to advanced security systems which show all their strength when they are properly used for hazard prevention, management and control and they are properly integrated in a higher level system [1,2]. In this paper we want discuss the capability of these integrated systems, their advanced functionalities, the integration modalities with high velocity telecommunication networks, and finally a case study, represented by the integrated security system that controls the Italian high speed train line, where trains can reach a velocity up to 300 km/h, referring in particular to the line between Firenze and Bologna, 80 km long, composed by a quasi-uninterrupted series of nine galleries whose length varies from 654 meters to 21.6 kilometres,