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Fuzzy Multicriteria Analysis For Evaluation Of Risks In Complex Engineering Projects In The Aeronautical Industry


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H. Fukayama, E. Fernandes & N. F. F. Ebecken


This paper presents an application, in the aeronautical industry, of a risk management methodology based on Fuzzy Multicriteria analysis (FMA). The proposed methodology analyses external and internal risks factors, formulating indicators that can be evaluated in some levels of the decision-making process (operational, tactical and strategic). The results show a way to obtain a more holistic vision of the risk in projects, assisting managers in the coordination of all possible risk factors that can affect the final result. Moreover, the results also demonstrate great chances of profits in cost, because of the faster analysis and the possibility to use in preliminary phases of the project. Keywords: risk management, engineering projects management, Fuzzy Multicriteria analysis. 1 Introduction The management of projects happens in an environment more dynamic and complex each day and that constantly, it is confronted with several risks and uncertainties. This way, it is imperative that the managers dispose of agile mechanisms of risk evaluation so that they can consider all the possible factors that can affect the final result of a project. An effective approach of risk management makes available a tool for the engineering project manager to identify and to evaluate potential risks quickly and precision. The studies of PMI [1] in project risk management show that the best practices observed, may be


risk management, engineering projects management, Fuzzy Multicriteria analysis.