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Flexible Database Transformation For XML-RDBMS


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A. Zailani & M. Mustafa


Transformation of original dataset into predefined data format always becomes a main concern in pre-processing of text mining or information retrieval. Unfortunately most of the available tools and databases in the market are not capable to incorporate implicit flexibility of two-way XML-RDBMS transformation. Thus, the development of flexible database transformation is absolutely significant in order to overcome these drawbacks. Here, the exiting tools for database conversion are examined in an attempt to determine their strengths and weaknesses. In this paper, we develop a model using Relational Unified process (RUP) via C# programming language, based on .NET framework for database transformation. It shows that, the database conversion process can be easily performed and flexible. Keywords: transformation, text mining, database, conversion, flexible. 1 Introduction Flexi-DB Transformation (F-DBT) is a tool for transforming XML into Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) or vice-versa. These two types of databases have been employed widely especially in the web applications. Nowadays, there are huge of data available in both formats and always need further processing. However, not all databases can afford to provide a good solution for advance processing or data interchanging. In text mining, pre-processing phase usually consumes a lot of resources in term of efforts and man-hour. One of the main concern is to reduce irrelevant


transformation, text mining, database, conversion, flexible.