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Searching For Innovation Through A Convergent Technology E-science Network Approach


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N. F. F. Ebecken & F. A. Moreira Jr


The objective of this paper is to present the methodology adopted by Petrobras (http://www2.petrobras.com.br/ingles/index.asp), the Brazilian oil company, in e-science collaborative projects to generate ideas of new opportunities obtained by technology convergence for an energy company that searches for solutions for the future. This effort is based on the contributions of a group of 50 senior scientists from the top five research institutes working iteratively via the Web and text mining activities to look for new technologies. Keywords: text mining, collaborative project, convergent technologies. 1 Introduction The convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science is transforming global society. Technological convergence is beginning to define the way societies interact themselves, the way science is done and the way the global marketplace is organized. In middle 2006, Petrobras, a Brazilian oil company, established a pioneer multidisciplinary team of senior academics and end users working in partnership to find potential opportunities and benefits of technology convergence. A scientific advisory board was formed consisting of representatives from top universities as well as Petrobras. The present membership includes major government-funded Brazilian research institutes: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, State University of São Paulo, State University of Campinas and the Aeronautic Technology Institute. The function of the advisory board is to channel information from Petrobras to faculty members concerning problems that need research attention and to maintain the focus.


text mining, collaborative project, convergent technologies.