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National Security And Threat Awareness


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F. Ghioni


Today’s ubiquitous technology environment has brought about a change in the threats posed to National Security. As we continue to move from a hierarchical, industrial-based society to a networked, information-based and technology-dependent society, our political, economic, social and technical bases continue to evolve. This has led to a change in both the vulnerabilities of Nations and their infrastructures and in the threats that they may suffer. The emergence of a new crime context has, obviously, opened the way to a new kind of criminal activity: info-terrorism. The most effective tactic that info-terrorists have is to focus the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction not on physical destruction but on area denial or economic damage. Information denial, distortion or theft can be much more destructive than waging a traditional mechanical war. Unfortunately, the proliferation of the Internet and other means of data retrieval, as well as the pervasiveness of information technology have not only facilitated the work of Intelligence experts in both the corporate and the State environments but have also aided the epidemic of cyber-crime. Such a complex scenario has switched the focus from Information Security to Information Process Security (IPS). In order to guarantee the integrity of IPS, it is paramount that employee threat awareness is promoted at all levels. This new challenge offers the opportunity to re-think Security Awareness Programs through the management, measurement and the benchmarking of the processes and techniques. The globalization of information retrieval and transfer bring about the need to create a solid front against these threats. This front should be made up of a network of Government and private sector agencies and should be oriented towards the research, development and implementation of measures that will counter the hazard of Information warfare. Keywords: intelligence, information process security, threat awareness, national security, critical infrastructure.


intelligence, information process security, threat awareness, nationalsecurity, critical infrastructure.