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An Integrated GPS-GIS Surface Movement Ground Control System


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M. N. Postorino & V. Barrile


The need to guarantee a high safety level in airport areas and the high congestion at the airports, due both to the increase of air traffic demand and the lack of significant intervention on the infrastructures, ask for more intensive studies concerning the problem of the ground circulation in an airport area. In particular, high traffic airport areas must be continuously monitored in order to know at each time the position of all the moving objects (land vehicles and aircrafts) on the ground (aprons, taxiways, runways). Recent solutions used to resolve the problem of object positioning move towards the use of GPS apparatus. In this work, an integrated GPS-GIS system is proposed for monitoring the airport areas, following the new requirements of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) applications. Keywords: airport ground movements; land vehicles and aircrafts location; GIS and GPS technologies. 1 Introduction The development of the air transport system in the last decades, due to a more and more increasing transport demand level, has a constraint in the bounded capacity of the system, that depends on the air control system and the actual specific set of rules. The bottlenecks of the system can be identified in the finite capacity of both airways and airports, these latter even more constraining. The ground movement control system plays an important role for the estimation of the airport capacity; in fact, it establishes the time and/or space


airport ground movements; land vehicles and aircrafts location; GIS and GPS technologies