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A Proposed Theoretical Strategic Framework For The Successful Entrance Of New Products Of High Technology


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Th. Fotiadis, G. Haramis, G. Siomkos, Ch. Vassiliadis & Ch. Tsialtas


An innovative decision-making procedure is expounded in the present paper. This procedure concerns decision-making about New Hi-Tech Products and their introduction into the uncertain, turbulent, volatile, and tumultuous environment of the market through the systemic approach/operational coexistence of Marketing with Research and Development (R and D). Upon the completion of two parts, the input, coordination, evaluation and circulation of information is optimized, while quality and quantity aspects are expanded. Also, the aspect concerning the market-orientated use of information is developed. This procedure makes the effective distribution of resources and time possible, and optimizes the learning experience curve of the company guaranteeing that pointless and insubstantial actions are reduced and that errors are incorporated into the decision-making algorithm. In addition, it brings down the imminent features of uncertainty and cuts the introduction time of New Hi- Tech Products into the market. The strategic orientation of the suggested theoretical framework, the emphasis laid on the market-orientated approach as well as the software—which was developed for the purposes of the present theoretical framework—support and encourage the reasoning of the decision-making procedure concerning the introduction of New Hi-Tech Products into the market. At the same time, it includes—within the decision-making mechanism—the parameter of the achieved completion degree.