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Agrology In Olive Grove Soils In The P.D.O. Baena (Spain)


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I. L. Castillejo González , M. Sánchez de la Orden, A. García-Ferrer Porras, L. García Torres & F. López Granados


Nowadays it is possible to observe that many zones present great imbalances in the use of soils with respect to the potential possibilities. These imbalances are very important because they produce a decrease of the crop production and a degradation of soil properties that lead to great environmental problems. In this project, a methodology of work based on the Geographic Information System (GIS) has been developed for the study of the problems these situations are generating. The development of this GIS methodology has generated a useful tool for the evaluation of the present soil use to get its optimal productive capacity. Then, and with the data collected in this evaluation, it is possible to develop a planning and exploitation model that formulates the way to adapt the current agrarian use with their potential productive capacity. Keywords: GIS, thematic cartography, territory planning 1 Introduction The application of GIS technologies in the agriculture has supposed a revolution in this field because they allow to optimize the production from the knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological characteristics the soil presents. This fact helps to prevent the degradation of the environment caused by inadequate growing techniques. Therefore, the knowledge of certain factors like kind of soil, current use, slope,… and their combination allow to evaluate the agrarian possibilities of a certain area, showing imbalances when they exist. I. L. Castillejo González , M. Sánchez de la Orden ,


GIS, thematic cartography, territory planning