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A Distributed System For Mobile Information Communications


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C. García & F. Alayón


In this paper, we present a distributed system for mobile agent communication that integrates non interactive mobile systems and is based on a mailbox scheme. To describe the system, the authors have used a structured model that permits the evaluation of the meeting level of the system’s requirements. This scheme characterised the mobile protocols and applications using 3D space, the properties used are: mailbox migrating frequency, operation executed for message delivering and kind of synchronization made to avoid the message loss. Nowadays, the system is working in a context of an intelligent system for public transport by road and it plays a main role in the administration and maintenance of its mobile stations. 1 Introduction This work belongs to the mobile distributed systems filed, in which users and systems, in various locations, can work using common geographically dispersed resources. In this context, new research areas and technologies of distributed computing arise such as: peer-to-peer, pervasive and nomadic computing [1]. Nowadays, it is very common to meet systems that use mobile agents. Fields such as e-commerce, telecommunications, public information systems, network managements, etc, use this type of agents. In general we can, affirm that the mobile agents began to play a key role in networking and distributed systems. We define a mobile agent ass an autonomous element that moves between locations in an information system. This information system must provide all the