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Computer-aided Diagnostics, Data Collection, Data Warehousing And Mining System For Handguns


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M. Khosrowjerdi & J. Aflaki


Two PC-based monitoring systems for evaluating the performance characteristics of the trigger-pull mechanism of handguns, function and target testing, and managing test data have been designed and implemented. The first system, Trigger Pull Monitor, uses a custom designed load cell and a Laser system to collect approximately 54,000 of equally spaced load and Cylinder stop position data points on real-time. The acquired data points which are 0.0001 inches apart are plotted for visual inspection and analyzed on real time to detect any possible fault associated with the trigger pull mechanism. Advanced digital signal processing is extensively used for filtering, integration and trigger roughness detection. Test results are archived in appropriate data marts and used later for performing statistical process control, and generating reports. At the beginning of each fiscal year, old test data is moved to a data warehouse which will be used for future mining. Stored data can be easily searched, using serial numbers, to look at the history of the gun [1]. The second system, Range Data Collection System, is used for function and target testing of handguns. Faults and malfunctions related to functioning, accuracy and dispersion are detected by the shooter/inspector in the range and entered into this system. Collected data is archived in the data marts to be used