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Large Eddy Simulation Of Particle Laden Jet Flow With Aerodynamic Three-way Coupling


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A. Jadoon & J. Revstedt


A model to incorporate for aerodynamic 3-way (indirect) coupling between mono dispersed particles is proposed. The model is applied on particle laden jet flow and the results are compared with 2-way coupling. The particle drag coefficients are corrected based on the relative position of the particles. The correction factor is obtained from the pre-computed lookup tables. The particles are tracked by Lagrangian particle tracking (LPT), whereas the continuous phase is modelled by Large eddy simulation (LES). Particle mean axial velocity is found to be large in 3-way coupling which results in more particle penetration in the streamwise direction due to less momentum transfer of the particles to the fluid phase. The fluid velocity is also observed to be higher in case of 3-way coupling due to high mass loading which results in reduced axial fluid velocity fluctuations. The void faction is also found to be higher in 3-way coupling due to particle entrainment and less interaction with turbulence. Keywords: LES/LPT, turbulent jet, three-way coupling, drag correction. 1 Introduction Particle laden jet flows remained an interesting and important topic due to its industrial and engineering applications like pulverized-coal combustors, cyclone separators, combustion etc. An important issue often neglected in the moderately dense flows is the aerodynamic (indirect) interaction between the particles i.e. three-way coupling. The addition of particles to turbulent flows can change the flow characteristics like turbulent intensities even at very low volume fraction. Therefore taking the particle interaction into account in such flows still needs to be addressed. Previously most of the research both experimentally and numerically has been carried out considering one-way and two-way coupling. Longmire and Eaton [1]


LES/LPT, turbulent jet, three-way coupling, drag correction