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An Evaluation Of Kerbside Recyclates Collection As A Means Of Enhancing Waste Recycling In Christchurch


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C. Njue


The fact that uncontrolled waste can lead to environmental and health risks has made it necessary to mitigate the degradation of water, soil and air. Several problems associated with traditional waste disposal methods such as lack of space for landfills and associated leachate, air pollution from incinerators and both the United Kingdom and European Union legislation on waste management has shifted attention to recycling as better option for waste disposal. The UK Government’s Department of Environment, Transport and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has given out guidelines on the latest performance indicator targets on recycling for individual local authorities. To enhance recycling and in order to meet the government’s recycling targets, local authorities in the UK are currently using kerbside recycling programmes. To achieve the above targets, Christchurch Borough Council in the summer of 2003 introduced a new kerbside recycling scheme. Houses and businesses were provided with containers for separation of recyclable material. In June of 2003, a study was carried in Christchurch Borough, Dorset, England with the aim of evaluating kerbside recycling as a means of enhancing waste recycling. About 13,000 properties were surveyed. Findings from the research indicated a significant increase in the number of Christchurch residents participating in recycling. This increased participation was mainly attributed to the introduction of a new kerbside recycling scheme. Reasons were given for non-participation in the new kerbside recycling scheme. These form the basis of recommendations for an improved waste management framework. The substantial diversion of recyclables from landfills also proves why recycling and improved recycling schemes must play a major part in local, national and international waste management plans. Keywords: kerbside recycling, waste recycling, performance indicator targets, evaluation, participation, improved waste management framework, mitigation, pollution, landfills, environment.


kerbside recycling, waste recycling, performance indicator targets,evaluation, participation, improved waste management framework, mitigation,pollution, landfills, environment.