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Data Acquisition, Validation And Forecasting For A Combined Sewer Network


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É. Crobeddu & S. Bennis


The scope of this work is the development of a computerized tool, named PREVAL, for day-to-day sewer network management. This tool allows: 1) to simulate hydrographs and pollutographs at the outlet of an urban catchment basin and through control devices, 2) to make the validation and the filtering of measurement data by using univariate or multivariate methods based on material or analytical redundancy, 3) to provide hydraulic and hydrological models with reliable data for the calibration stage, 4) to evaluate combined sewer overflows in terms of quality and quantity and to check the conformity of the operation of overflow devices with respect to prescribed constraints. PREVAL is the result of a close cooperation between École de Technologie Supérieure, Hydro-Québec and various partners such as the cities of Montreal, Laval and Verdun. Keywords: control, overflow structures, pollution, validation. 1 Introduction The management of sullage discharge into a natural environment requires a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the outflow. The estimation of the quantity and quality of sullage is based on measurements and on calibrated hydraulic and hydrological models. The reliability of sullage discharge assessment can be warranted only by the validation of discharge flow rate data. 1.1 Quantitative assessment The quantitative assessment consists in estimating the frequency and the volume of the sullage discharged into the natural environment by control devices. The


control, overflow structures, pollution, validation.