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Economical And Social Aspects: Evaluation Of Incorporation Potential In Municipal Wastewater Reuse Procedure In Greece


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S. Bakopoulou & A. Kungolos


It is the objective of this study to evaluate the incorporation potential of economic and social factors in municipal wastewater reuse procedure, aiming at determining whether it is worthwhile for a municipality to construct the necessary advanced treatment systems or not. Advanced wastewater treatment is the additional treatment needed to remove any constituents remaining after conventional secondary treatment and it is considered necessary when there is plan for treated wastewater reuse. Economic and social factors, as well as the necessary environmental factors, could be used as the main parameters, which will serve in the development of an evaluation model. This model could be based in a cost-benefit analysis which, through a correlation procedure, can lead to an optimal solution adoption. This model could be useful for many municipalities in Greece, where wastewater reuse does not consist presently a common method of treated wastewater management. Keywords: wastewater reuse, advanced wastewater treatment, irrigation. 1 Introduction Water scarcity and deterioration in the quality of water resources in many countries have led to the recognition that water shortage and water pollution control should be solved by a careful water resource management that incorporates advanced technologies. Desalination of seawater as well as reclamation and reuse of municipal wastewater are the main strategies that have


wastewater reuse, advanced wastewater treatment, irrigation.