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Management Of Biodiversity In Protected Areas With Sustainability Control


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K. Hellmann


Protected areas are an important approach for safeguarding the world’s biodiver-sity. The conservation of biodiversity needs to be planned, organized, put into practise and controlled, i.e. it needs to be managed. In order to serve this pur-pose, the kind of management of these protected areas (e.g. what kind of measures are taken, when they are to be applied) is of utmost importance. As stated by the Convention on Biological Diversity the notion of sustainable development is all-important within the scope of so called biodiversity management. This means the conservation of biodiversity needs to be managed not only according to ecological factors but also to social and economic aspects. There are, however, very few sys-tematic management approaches for sustainable development of protected areas which ensure the realisation of the objectives of biodiversity conservation so far. Today biodiversity management mainly concentrates on ecological aspects while economic and social factors are considered only marginally. In various cases this results in economic problems to finance conservation strategies or in social prob-lems with substantial economic and ecological side effects. In contrast hereto var-ious tools to realise sustainable management in an efficient and effective way have been developed in the area of corporate sustainability management. The transfer of these management methods is reasonable: entrepreneurs as well as managers of protected areas need to realise specified objectives while resources are limited and stakeholder interests need to be taken into account. In the following the concept of sustainability control is analysed whether it is suitable to conserve biodiversity in protected areas in an efficient and effective way. Keywords: management of protected areas, management of biodiversity, sustain-abilitycontrol.


management of protected areas, management of biodiversity, sustain-abilitycontrol.