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Study Of Species Changes Under Impact Of The Change In An Ecological Factor. Case Study: The Flood Spreading Project In Zanjan, Iran


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F. B. Movahhed


More than 90% of Iran is located in an arid and semi-arid area and water is one of the most important factors that can prevent sustainable development in all agricultural areas. Thus, water plays the important role in ecological condition changes, especially for plants. In this research, it was attempted to survey the water harvesting and its spreading impact on plant composition changes in a flood spreader. The study area is located in the part of the Zanjan plain, in the north-west of Zanjan city and between two rivers; Sorhain and Qarecharian, which includes rain fed and released lands that have been occupied by quaternary deposition. For this purpose, the amount of rainfall and diverted floodwater to the station was monitored and measured during the flooding period. In order to evaluate the plant composition changes in the three sites in spreading area and one in the control site, a total of 11 permanent transects (9 in spreading area and 2 as control) were stabilized using the Line Intercept Method, the canopy cover percentage of all species were noted and all species were distinguished. This study showed that some species under impact of floodwater spreading were omitted, some increased or decreased, and some new species were observed for the first time. The increase of vegetation cover and appearance of palatable plants in the last year showed that floodwater spreading can improve foliage production. Considering the life form of the observed species, although perennial forbs increased, floodwater spreading in the case of establishment of perennial grasses did not operate successfully. Therefore, the shortage of the studying period and changes in the amount of harvested floodwater make the correctness of these obtained results rather less valid. Keywords: flood water spreading, life form, palatability, vegetation changes, Zanjan plain, Iran.


flood water spreading, life form, palatability, vegetation changes, Zanjan plain, Iran.