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An Image Of Organization In A Virtual Environment


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E. S. Tuzhikova


Scientific interest in various sorts of research opportunities using the Internet is very widespread and is an important and pressing question now as the concept of communication between Internet users receives wider investigation than everyday contact between people. The Internet creates a new space for information interchange and cooperation between all of its users. This space offers two basic features; firstly, the opportunity to find necessary information and the secondly, the opportunity to unite people in groups with shared interests. Likewise such features are available not only to each individual person, but also to whole companies that use the Internet in their daily operations. Despite the small amount of scientific research about the Internet which has been carried out, attractive to psychological analysis is the connection between cyberspace problems and professional organizations and communities, representing themselves with the help of web-sites. One of the positive signs of the opportunity for social design in cyberspace is the active development of various network communities. Any organization creates a corporate image and has a style that it purposefully forms and renders emotional - psychological influence, in both the external and the internal organizational environment. Web pages of the organizations contain not only reports of information about goods and services, where the basic purpose is advertising activity, but also create their own individual style in cyberspace. The above testifies to the necessity of psychological research into the image of organizations utilising cyberspace as a special form of corporate promotion, allowing them to attract a broader audience of consumers. Keywords: web sites companies, image and style organizations in virtual environment.


web sites companies, image and style organizations in virtual environment.