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Combined Pinch Analysis For More Efficient Energy And Water Resources Management In Beverage Industry


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T K Zhelev & S R Zheleva


The aim of this investigation is to search for possible grassroot influence and relationship between water and energy resources efficient utilisation. It intends to look at the possibility for fresh water saving combined with heat conservation. Our findings are showing that the analysis of energy and water sources and sinks and their integration at a total site level leads to solutions that are not conflicting and contradictory. The analysis is based on unique combination between the Water Pinch and the classical Thermal Pinch methodology at the retrofit design level. The aim of presented paper is to lay down the fundament for development of general methodology for targeting and design for minimum water/wastewater and energy consumption and to search for possible trade-offs in this dualistic optimisation problem. The complexity and large variety of processes of simultaneous heat and mass transfer related to the problem of interest call for a classification and individual approach according to the type of processes involved. The paper highlights the management of energy and water in flue gas energy recovery systems, cooling systems and wastewater treatment systems. The area of application is the South African beverage industry where both energy and water resources are widely applied. Introduction It should be known that about 12 million people of South Africa's population still do not have access to good quality water. Based on the projected growth of