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Development Of High-efficient Waste Power Generation Technologies –Development Of The Waste Pyrolysis And Combustion With Ash Melting Process Technologies


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H Naramoto, S Ohmori, K Ogawa & N Asami


Development of high-efficient waste power generation technologies -Development of the waste pyrolysis and combustion with ash melting process technologies H. Naramoto1, S. Ohmori2, K. Ogawa2, N. Asami2 1New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, Japan. 2The Institute ofApplied Energy, Japan. Abstract Waste Pyrolysis and combustion with ash melting process would be expected to become a promising waste-to-energy power generation technology that is highly desirable for the Japanese energy situation and the environment. This technology would introduce not only to high efficient waste-to-energy power generation but also to well environment including the reduction of DXN emission. NED0 developed, from 1998 to 2000, "the Waste Pyrolysis and Combustion with Ash Melting Technologies" aimed at responding to the legal requirement to melt ashes for preventing pollutant dispersion and to the political requirement to get high efficient power generation. This project includes developments of increasing steam temperature, a development of a DeNOx catalysts activated at lower temperature gas, a development of a dehydrator for rural MSW, and a development of waste plastic blowing system for shaft-type system. Findings from these technology developments will be reflected in commercial plants and step-by-step introduced to municipalities' facilities. In particular, the technologies of increasing the steam temperature and dehydrating wastes will be soon utilized. 1 Background and current conditions of the waste-to-energy power generation in Japan The energy policy in Japan leads the waste-to-energy power generation to the most capacity among new energy sources and sets a goal of the installed capacity