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Road Pavement Construction Using Recycled Steel Cans


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A Keyvani


Road pavement constructing using recycled steel cans A. Keyvani Department of Civil Engineering Azarbaijan University of Tarbiat Moallem, Tabriz, Iran. Abstract The use of recycled waste materials to reinforce in producing concrete has received considerable interest from many sources of environmental groups and producers of waste materials. It is extremely important that the properties of concrete made from these materials be known. Over the last few decades many different types of fibers have been used for reinforcement in both research and industrial fields. Fiber reinforcement concrete has several advantages such as superior crack control, ductility, energy absorption capacity, and improved interior tensile strength of the concrete due to the bonding force between the fibers and the matrix. A mixture of fibers from steel cans were tested as reinforcing fibers in this study. By using these fibers, which are municipal and business waste products, as steel fibers for concrete reinforcement, not only is the concrete strength improved, but some areas of environmental pollution may also be decreased and the problems of disposal of waste steel cans may be lessened. This study proposes the idea of using steel cans fibers for concrete reinforcement as a practical means of recycling a solid waste material. Recycling waste steel cans to produce steel fibers for concrete pavements for car parks and pavement of the second degree runways has an obvious cost advantage compared to using industrially produced steel fibers. 1 Introduction Many communities currently offer recycling programs to some degree. Several different types of materials can recycled. As we know by now, many of the materials we use are recyclable. Some of the more common ones are steel (tin) cum. The amount of energy that is required to recycle material is considerably less than to make a product from raw materials as well as reducing the pollution