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The Geographical Report Tool: A Web Application To Help In Planning And To Reach The Objectives Of The Mexican Water Policy


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H. Sanvicente-Sánchez, Y. Solís-Alvarado, J. García-Hernández, R. Melgar-García


The Mexican Institute of Water Technology (IMTA) has developed a data warehouse (DWH) and a geodatabase (GDB) for the National Water Commission (Conagua) which contains all the information that has been collected and published over more than one decade in the books Water Statistics in Mexico and Water Maps Collection. Both DWH and GDB have information about social, economic and environmental aspects; the three pillars of sustainable development. DWH and GDB are linked through an identifier code (ID), which allows that any statistical information can be spatially mapped through a geographical layer. The DWH-GDB link is exploited by the geographical report tool, which permits a user to make a query and shows the result on a map. The query can mix any social, economic or environmental information related with a spatial feature, like states, counties, reservoirs, monitoring point, etc. and the map is created online in a dynamic way. The geographical report tool may build simple or complex queries using logical connectors. All the query information is integrated into the layer attribute table and a shapefile layer can be downloaded. The geographical report tool is a web application used through a username and password on the Internet. The system was integrated to help in planning and to reach the objectives of the national water policy summarized in: (i) sustainable development searching; (ii) integrated water management; (iii) achieve the objectives of planning in 2030.


water resources management, dynamic web geographic information system, sustainable development, water planning, water statistics mapping