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Location And Search Via The Web Of Hydrometric Information Of The Mexican National Hydrometric Network


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Y. Solís-Alvarado, H. Sanvicente-Sánchez, J. García-Hernández, G. Martínez-Castillo, R. Mendoza-Betanzos


Measurement of surface water is critical to quantify rain, which provides support to studies related to climate change, such as: hydrological studies, mathematical models, establishment of vulnerable areas as a consequence of extreme weather events, etc.; the Mexican national database called BANDAS (Banco Nacional de Datos de Aguas Superficiales) integrates the national hydrometric network. BANDAS records the water level (scales) and the amount of water passing in a specific time (gauging) in the main Mexican rivers, from all the non-automatic hydrometric stations in Mexico; BANDAS has historical information about daily, monthly and annual average flow. This paper shows a web application named SIG Bandas v 1.0 which allows people to locate and make queries about the Mexican hydrometric network without charge. People can check the location of any hydrometric station; to know the period of years recorded by it, download historical data, descriptive records and, in some cases, the image of the station. Additionally, but only for users with password, it allows the updating of information on the hydrometric network. SIG Bandas v 1.0 permits the distribution of hydrometric data to many users such as students from universities, consulting firms, government agencies, etc.


National Hydrometric Network, hydrometric calculus, gauging. Red Hidrométrica Nacional, cálculo hidrométrico, gasto